E-Link Log In Instructions

  • Here are the instructions for finding your bus information on our E-Link platform:

    • The login screen will prompt you for your "User Name" and "Password"
    • Enter your STUDENTS ID # for both fields and click login. 
    • The student’s ID # can be found on the student's report card, Infinite Campus Parent Portal, or be provided by your student’s school.
    • Once logged in, click "Work with Students"
    • Then click "View My Students"
    • And finally, click your student's name.
    • In the section under "Transportation Information," the pickup time is beside the stop location under “Time.” Be prepared to board the bus 5 minutes prior to the bus stop time. Bus schedules will be inconsistent the first two weeks of school. After that, they should be on schedule.
    • The drop off time is located beside the stop under “Time.




Things to Look For

  • If your student shows a status of "Ride" with no bus information, bus stop, times, or locations.

    • The student has not yet been assigned to a bus stop.  Please check back later.


    If your student shows a status of "No Bus"

    • The most common reason is the student may not be registered for transportation. To register for transportation, CLICK HERE