Elementary Recess Weather Guidelines

  • Check the Heat Index and Ozone on this site (click on rainbow & cloud icon next to temperature display for information about Fayette County weather: Heat Index and Ozone Levels are both reported).

    Weather Guidelines Chart


    Ozone - Smog Alert

    CODE ORANGE:  (AQI reading of 101-150) - Limit outdoor recess/activities for all students by holding outdoor activities in the morning, reducing the normal length of outdoor activities, and/or doing activities which require moderate to low level of exertion.

    CODE RED:  (AQI reading of 161-200) - No outdoor recess/activities.

    CODE PURPLE: (AQI reading of 201-300) - No outdoor recess/activities.

    CODE BLACK:  (AQI of 301-500) - No outdoor recess/activities.


    Based on Fayette County Athletic Program Severe Weather Procedures
    See Athletic Program Severe Weather Guidelines (pages 4 and 18).