• Procedure for Submitting Change of Address Documents

    Please Note: You and your student(s) must both reside at the same address before a change of address can be completed.

    How To Submit Change of Address Documents

    You may email all of your documents as attachments in one email, to enrollmentcenter@fcboe.org


    Mail your documents to 205 LaFayette Avenue, Fayetteville, GA 30214


    schedule an appointment to bring in your documentation. Click here to schedule an appointment with the Enrollment Center.

    Homeowner Document Requirements:

    • Current residential property tax statement

      If the property has closed within the last year

      Provide the signed closing Settlement Statement (received from your attorney during closing),

      or Disclosure Statement

      or Homestead Exemption filing.

    If you are living with a Fayette County Resident who is the homeowner:

    Both parties (Property Owner & Parent/Guardian) must be present to sign an affidavit and will be required to provide the current property tax statement, electric bill, and photo ID.

    • Photo ID of parent/guardian of the student(s) 

    • Current Electric Bill or the initiation of electric service with name and service location. We DO NOT ACCEPT ANY OTHER BILLS.  


    *** We do not accept the Warranty Deed or Mortgage Statement ***

    Renter Document Requirements:

    • Current Signed Lease/Rental Agreement (must include term dates and all occupants with signatures).  Month-to-month leases are not accepted.

    • Current Electric Bill or the initiation of electric service with name and service location. We DO NOT ACCEPT ANY OTHER BILLS.

    • Photo ID of parent/guardian of the student.

    If you are living with someone but the lease is not in your name, your name (the name of the parent or guardian) and the names of the students must be listed as occupants on that lease/rental agreement. A letter from the landlord/mobile home park stating that they are aware that you and your students are living there will suffice.

    School Zone Change - Special Permission Request and Transportation

    If your students' school zone changes due to an address change and you would like them to remain at their current school, you may request special permission from the Student Transfer Department at 770-716-1209 X221. Please be aware that transportation is not provided for special permission cases. This step needs to be completed within 24 hours of the address change to ensure that your student will not be withdrawn and placed at the zoned school.


    If you are changing schools, please withdraw from the old school so a new enrollment line can be input for the new school. It takes 24 hours after we process an address change for the Transportation Department to see it in their system, so you may have to provide transportation until this occurs. The school can see it right away, so you can call them for a bus pass for the new address.