•       "Maybe I could be..."

Alex/ Script Supervisor

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    Our school decided to try something new the year I entered eighth grade. It was called the Community for Creativity and it sounded interesting. During my time in the Community for Creativity (CFC) class, media industry partners came in to help us create a film about the program. All of us worked on the video with some kids doing camera work, some doing directing, etc. I worked as the script supervisor and was in charge of making sure the actors didn’t forget their lines while bringing up any issues that appeared with the script. Overall, it was a great learning experience and it rekindled my love for writing.

Jacob/ Virtual Reality Editor

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    I joined the Community for Creativity program because I have always wanted to follow my dream of being a roller coaster designer. I have always loved theme parks, and I knew that with this new program, I would finally be able to focus at school on what I love the most.

    When I was thinking about a project to do, a teacher told me that the school needed a tour of the school to share with new students and parents. Then, I thought, instead of a normal tour, let’s make it an experience like a roller-coaster ride… let’s use Virtual Reality (VR). The first time that I used VR was right in the school in the technology classroom. I fell in love with it right when I took the headset off. I knew that that is what I had to do for my project, and maybe even for my future career.

Kitcat/ Music Recording Artist

  • Kitcat PhotoMost of the time, it seems that the dream of performing for a living is simply that, a dream. The Community for Creativity Program changed that for me. Back in August, I had no idea what this would turn into, but I have learned so much. I have been exposed to a plethora of different careers and aspects of the arts.

    For my capstone project, I am teaming up with three other students in the program to write and record an E.P. album with four songs. In the making of this project, we will come across many different careers, like marketing, writing music, making album cover art, performing, recording, and copywriting our own work. Even if I don’t end up having a job like what I am doing now, in the future I will have a better understanding of the hard work and effort that goes into these major industries that are a part of Georgia’s economy.

Sarah/ Director

  • Sarah's PhotoAt the beginning of the year, Community for Creativity students were placed into a careers class to help us explore and delve deeper into our individual interest areas in creative industries. It helped us find like-minded students who could collaborate on capstone projects.

    Through my capstone project, I am forming strong connections with my peers, building my confidence and communication skills (I am generally a shy person unless I know you well), and learning to step out of my comfort zone to get closer to the person I want to become. So far, this program has had a positive effect on me, and I hope that it will continue. I love the Community for Creativity program!