Are schools stockpiling food and water?

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The school system is taking action to make sure that schools and offices have the appropriate resources available for a short-term event.  In the event of a large-scale catastrophic situation, FCPS would rely on federal and state authorities for assistance. There has been no request by state, local or federal crisis experts that we stockpile food or water.  The FCPS shelter-in-place plan is to be used only in the event of a chemical, biohazard or radiological event.  In any one of these situations, which are usually localized (i.e., do not cover a wide area) persons typically need to remain indoors only a few hours before the hazard literally blows away.  After the danger has passed, children and staff members will be free to go to their homes.There may be other events that would cause people to be housed for longer periods of time in public buildings such as schools. An example would be a bomb attack that has destroyed homes,  In such an event, other community agencies, including the Red Cross, would be responsible for providing food and water.This response would be a shelter, not a shelter-in-place.In all critical events of this magnitude, the school system becomes part of a larger emergency response team.  The county manager and the county crisis response team lead this larger team, whose members have been meeting for over a year and planning the various parts of the response.  FCPS has been charged with providing transportation and shelter for the community.  Other groups are charged with providing food and water.