Exceptional Children's Services Program Overview

  • Mission Statement
    We are building a community of partners dedicated to making Fayette County
    a place where all students with disabilities are successful in achieving their goals.

    Vision Statement
    Our students will be capable of living and working effectively,
    responsibly and productively in a global environment.


    Transportation for Students with Disabilities

    Special transportation is provided to students whose Individualized Educational Program (IEP) addresses the need for transporting the student to and from school either on the general education school bus with special modifications or a special school bus with modifications. An IEP committee may determine that the student requires special transportation as a related service and modifications necessary to transport the student. Modifications may include but are not limited to, power lifts, wheelchair fasteners, special seat belts, harnesses, car seat, bus monitor, and special seating.

    If you have any questions regarding special transportation, please contact your child's teacher at your school, the Fayette County Exceptional Children’s Services Department at 770-460-3911 or the Fayette County Transportation Department at 770-460-3425.

Contact Information

  • Location:

    205 Lafayette Avenue
    Fayetteville GA 30214



    Exceptional Children's Services Staff:
    Director: Rosie Gwin
    Coordinator:  Beth Huber
    Coordinator: Katherine LoMonaco

    Sonya Griffin
    Jennifer PaskVan
    Brenda Stokes
    Amy Zaring

    Specialty Staff & Contacts:
    Pre-School: Stefanie Henry
    Assistive Technology: Sean Estep
    Hearing/Vision: Rosemary "Muff" Hartung
    Speech: Beth Huber
    Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy: Karin DeGroot
    Exceptional Children’s Services Counselor: Amor Kok
    Exceptional Children's Services Nurse:  Becky Higgins
    Child Find: Sheila Dennis
    Parent Mentor: Allison Stevenson