• Fayette County Schools’ Science Program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills for proficiency in science. Our curriculum teaches students to value and use science as a process for obtaining knowledge, based upon observable evidence. The program embraces the Science ​​Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE)​ ​and the 3-Dimensional Approach used in the Next Generation Science Standards.

    Technology is infused into the curriculum, when appropriate. This approach allows students to understand that science is not just a body of knowledge that reflects current understanding of the world; it is also a set of practices used to establish, extend, and refine that knowledge. Both elements—knowledge and practice—are essential. Through these rich experiences, we provide multiple opportunities for learners to develop the skills and attributes of scientifically literate citizens, with a lifelong interest in science.

    The Georgia Department of Education is fully responsible for developing and maintaining performance standards for Georgia students.​ ​​Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) are fully implemented in Fayette County Public Schools.

    GSE for science, for each grade level, may be found at the Georgia Department of Education​ ​website:​ ​


    Private Tutoring

    From time to time, students may benefit from private tutoring outside of school in certain subject areas. If your student could benefit from additional help with science we have made the following list of tutors available to help Fayette County students. (Disclaimer: We do NOT recommend one tutor over another; we simply provide this list as a resource for parents. Please check with your child's school guidance counselor for specific recommendations before proceeding):


    Four Year Science High School Graduation Requirement

    All students are required to successfully meet four science requirements, for graduation. They are:

    (I)     Biology I;
    (II)    Physics or Physical Science;
    (III)   Chemistry, Earth Systems, Environmental Science, or an AP/IB course; and
    (IV)    Any other science from the list of state funded courses and K-8 subjects rules (IDA3) or any CTAE approved course.

    Please go to Fayette County Fourth Year Science Options & Sequence Chart for an approved list of fourth year science options, CTAE approved options, and Board of Regents approved options.

    Georgia's graduation rule expects FULL UNITS of science. No matching or mixing counts as a fourth science.