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E-Link Log In Instructions

  • The login screen will prompt you for your "User Name:" and "Password:"

    Enter your STUDENTS ID # for both fields and click login. 

    The student’s ID # can be found on the student's report card, Infinite Campus Parent Portal, or be provided by your student’s school.

    Once logged in, click "Work with Students"

    Then click "View My Students"

    And finally, click your student's name.

    In the section under "Transportation Information," the pickup time is beside the stop location under “Time.” Be prepared to board the bus 5 minutes prior to the bus stop time. Bus schedules will be inconsistent the first two weeks of school. After that, they should be on schedule.

    The drop off time is located beside the stop under “Time.

    No bus information?

    Your student may not be registered for a bus.

    Click here to request a bus assignment:



    If your student shows a status of "Ride" with no bus information, bus stop, times, or locations.

    • A stop has not yet been assigned to the student.  Please check back later.

    If your student shows a status of "No Bus"

    • The student may not be registered for transportation. This is most common.
    • The student may live in a "Non Transport Zone" (Eligibility = W) 

    (Update their bus registration, or call your School to have them update your request for transportation if eligible.)