Long Term Disability

  • FCPS Total Rewards Logo If you become totally disabled and must be out of work for an extended period, this plan assures 60%* of your pay after six months of disability and continues to age 65.

    *Your benefit from all sources will be the lesser of 60% of monthly pay or $9,000/month.  

    The cost is based on your age and annual salary.  Pay increases are automatically recognized.

    total rewards logo   LTD (Long Term Disability) Highlights

    total rewards logo   LTD Plan Provider – MetLife: 1-800-300-4296

    total rewards logo   Protect Your Pay with Disability Insurance Video

    total rewards logo   How Does Disability Insurance Work (video)? 

    Please remember the explanation above is just a summary. The official plan documents for the plan govern the operation of this coverage. You may request a copy from your benefits office at any time.