Flexible Spending Accounts

  • FCPS Total Rewards Logo Healthcare Spending Account

    Enables you to pay eligible out-of-pocket medical, dental, and vision expenses with before-tax dollars (saving you 30% or more since you are not paying taxes on this money).

    • All money is available on January 1
    • You will receive a debit card so many expenses can be paid without the need to pay first then file a claim
    • $550 is allowed to roll over at year-end (note: you must set up a medical FSA in the following year to receive rollover funds) any unused amount over $550 is lost! So choose your contribution amount carefully!

    Dependent Care Account

    Allows you to pay for certain child and dependent daycare expenses using before-tax dollars


    FSA Administrator - WORKTERRA: 1-888-604-5394  


    Please remember the explanation above is just a summary. The official plan documents for the plan govern the operation of this coverage. You may request a copy from your benefits office at any time.