Dental Plans

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    To help you offset the cost of your dental care and maintain good oral health we offer three plan choices: two PPO plans and a less expensive DMO option.

    • MetLife Premium Plan - costs the most, but will pay more when you need to use it. In this plan, preventive care is covered at 100%. For everything else, you will pay a percentage of the cost and the plan will pay a percentage of the cost, up to a yearly maximum.
    • MetLife Standard Plan - costs less but does not cover as much as the Premium Plan. It also covers preventive care at 100% and pays a percentage of the cost of services, up to a yearly maximum.
    • Aetna DMO Plan - is the least expensive option. It covers preventive care at 100%, but you pay a fixed co-pay for all other services when you need them. You must choose an Aetna DMO dentist from the DMO list as your primary care dentist in order to use this plan.

    Dental Plan Comparison Chart
    * You must choose an Aetna DMO primary dentist if you enroll in this plan.

    Documents and Links

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      MetLife – 1-800-942-0854

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      Aetna – 1-877-238-6200

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    Please remember the explanation above is just a summary. The official plan documents for the plan govern the operation of this coverage. You may request a copy from your benefits office at any time.